Inaugural 2023  Irvine Grand Prix

Thank you to all our Racers,  Spectators and Volunteers who have pitched in to make our Inaugural Irvine Grand Prix a resounding success!   

All proceeds from this event go to the Friends of Scouting campaign of the Orange County Council BSA, a 501(c)3 organization, and will help to fund amazing experiences at our Ed Laird Scout Camp at IROEC, Newport Seabase, and Oso Lake, and offer more opportunities for adventure, learning, and leadership. Your support ensures that Scouting spirit will continue to thrive in Orange County!

Congratulations to our Irvine Grand Prix winners!

Standard Race Winners

1st Place

Jennifer Wierks - The Big Cheese

Ave Time:  3.1451 sec     Ave MPH:  189.69

2nd place

Mark Haferling - The Dylan

Ave Time:  3.1788 sec     Ave MPH:  187.68

3rd place

Jenny Do - Sushigo

Ave Time:  3.3233 sec     Ave MPH:  179.52

Innovators Race Winners

1st Place

Mark Haferling - The Dylanator

Ave Time:  3.3924 sec     Ave MPH:  175.86

2nd place

Aimee Schabilion - Flaming Scorpion

Ave Time:  3.4243 sec     Ave MPH:  174.22

3rd place

Sheldon Chan - Sharky's Revenge

Ave Time:  3.4281 sec     Ave MPH:  174.03

Standard Race Results - Finals

Stuart Blakeney

Fastest Time:  3.3784

Ave MPH:  176.59

Henry Bramlet

Fastest Time:  3.3549 sec

Ave MPH:  177.83

Sheldon Chan

Fastest Time:  3.3676 sec

Ave MPH:  177.16

Jenny Do

Fastest Time:  3.3138 sec

Ave MPH:  180.03

Mark Haferling

Fastest Time:  3.1623 sec

Ave MPH:  188.66

Jennifer Wierks

Fastest Time:  3.1407 sec

Ave MPH:  189.95

Standard Race Results - Group 1

Henry Bramlet

Fastest Time:  3.3276 sec

Ave MPH:  179.29

Antonia Cheek

Fastest Time:  3.6256 sec

Ave MPH:  164.55

Don Chen

Fastest Time:  4.6602 sec

Ave MPH:  128.02

Mark Haferling

Fastest Time:  3.1838 sec

Ave MPH:  187.38

Dana Myerson

Fastest Time:  3.5416 sec

Ave MPH:  168.45

Carolyn Nguyen

Fastest Time:  3.5472 sec

Ave MPH:  168.19

Aimee Schabilion

Fastest Time:  3.3718 sec

Ave MPH:  176.94

Michelle Smith

Fastest Time:  3.4112 sec

Ave MPH:  174.89

Olivia Swinth

Fastest Time:  3.7022 sec

Ave MPH:  161.14

Jennifer Wierks

Fastest Time:  3.1385 sec

Ave MPH:  190.09

Standard Race Results - Group 2

Theresa Bautista

Fastest Time:  3.9146 sec

Ave MPH:  152.4

Stuart Blakeney

Fastest Time:  3.3937 sec

Ave MPH:  175.79

Sheldon Chan

Fastest Time:  3.3327 sec

Ave MPH:  179.01

Jenny Do

Fastest Time:  3.3211 sec

Ave MPH:  179.64

Tom Doherty

Fastest Time:  3.441 sec

Ave MPH:  173.38

Kelvin Miyake

Fastest Time:  3.4168 sec

Ave MPH:  174.61

Mark Serpa

Fastest Time:  3.4116 sec

Ave MPH:  174.87

Nathan Taketani

Fastest Time:  3.9279 sec

Ave MPH:  151.89

Innovation Race Results

Sheldon Chan

Fastest Time:  3.3806 sec

Ave MPH:  176.47

Antonia Cheek

Fastest Time:  3.4184 sec

Ave MPH:  174.52

Don Chen

Fastest Time:  3.7643 sec

Ave MPH:  158.49

Mark Haferling

Fastest Time:  3.1553 sec

Ave MPH:  189.08

Aimee Schabilion

Fastest Time:  3.4007 sec

Ave MPH:  175.43

Michelle Smith

Fastest Time:  3.4584 sec

Ave MPH:  172.5

Jennifer Wierks

Fastest Time:  3.1844 sec

Ave MPH:  187.35