National BSA Safety Guidelines and Checklists

SAFE Checklist to be used by leaders when planning all Scouting activities

Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities shows approved activities by Scouting program

Campout Safety Checklist from the Campout Safety Moment 

Additional activity-specific Health and Safety Moments for use with Youth and Leaders

Cub Scout Camping Guidance

OCBSA-approved Cub Scout Campsites maintained by the Council Camping Committee

Policy on Cub Scout Unit-Coordinated Camping from the Guide to Safe Scouting
(applies when a Webelos or AOL Den camps in coordination with a Scouts BSA Troop)

Troop and Crew Camping Guidance

Where to go Camping Guide compiled by Order of the Arrow Wiatava Lodge

Discussion on the Adult Registration Policy for Overnight Camping from Aaron on Scouting

Shooting Sports Guidelines require qualified supervision to manage risk

National High Adventure Bases

BSA National High Adventure Bases 

National Scout Jamborees and Conferences

2024 National Order of the Arrow Conference July 29–August 3, 2024 at University of Colorado Boulder

2026 National Scout Jamboree  July 22-31, 2026 at Summit Bechtel Reserve, WV

World Scout Jamborees

25th World Scout Jamboree August 1–12, 2023 in Saemangeum, South Korea

26th World Scout Jamboree July 30–August 8, 2027 in Gdańsk, Poland